Education Staff Welfare Scheme

Education Staff Welfare Scheme

His Excellency, Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup, Minister of Health & Education initiated the creation of a welfare scheme for education staff. In 1996 a nation-wide survey was conducted to determine the level of support for establishing a welfare scheme. More than 80% of those who responded were in favor of introducing a welfare scheme, none were against the idea. Based on the results of the survey, the Education Staff Welfare Scheme was established on 27th September 1996.

The Objectives of ESWS are:

  • Strengthen comradeship among its members;
  • Provide cash grants (Semso) to assist members in times of emergencies and distress;
  • Encourage members to save money;
  • Provide small Welfare loans to members requiring such assistances;
  • Invest surplus funds wisely in financially sound projects.

Sonam Zangpo

Admin Asst