Foundation Day of Food & Agriculture
Organization (FAO)

Key Messages

Date : 08/10/2018

Scholarship Result

Global Korea Scholarship result

Date : 05/10/2018

Mixed mode programme at College of Education, RUB

Re-announcement for mixed mode programme for College of Education, RUB
Application form

Date : 04/10/2018

SAP winter programme

Concept note for applying
Training request form

Date : 25/09/2018

Notification for Annual Transfer 2018

  1. Notification

  2. To apply for transfer, click on the appropriate links below. You need an education email address to apply

  3. i. Leadership positions
    ii. Teachers/Counselors
    iii. Support staff

Date : 13/07/2018


Air fare quotation

Date : 17/10/2018

Development of Inclusive Education Information System for SEN Division, DSE, MoE


Date : 28/08/2018

Operation of DYS Canteen

Notice Inviting Tender

SBD - Canteen Services

Date : 08/07/2018

Air fare quotation

Date : 09/08/2018

Air fare quotation

Date : 05/07/2018