24 July: Caretaker - (re-accouncement)

20 July: Teacher III (re-announcement)

22 June: Principal I
            i. In-service application form
           ii. Referee form

16June: Vacancy announcement for Teacher II (IT, PGDE) consolidated contract for 2 years

            i. Vacancy announcement
           ii. Civil service employment application form 

27 Apr: Various post
            i. Vacancy announcement
           ii. In-Service application form
          iii. Pre-service application form
          iv. Referee form

27 Apr: School Sports Instructors
             i. Vacancy announcement
            ii. RCSC employment form

07 Apr: Principal I & Principal II

23 Mar:  Recruitment of B.Ed Graduates on Contract:

            1.  Announcement for recruitment of B.Ed Graduates on Contract
            2. Contract Agreement form
RCSC employment form
Education Bio-data

17 Mar: Vacancy announcement for Principal I & II

27 Jan: Re-announcement for Sr Counselor, CECD, DYS

20 Jan: Vacancies for various post

16 Jan: Vacancies for post of Wardens & Matrons

06 Jan: Vacancies for various post

15 Dec: Vacancies for various post
              Referee Form           
              In-Service Application Form
              Civil Service Employment Application Form

18 Nov: Re-announcement (Chief Planning Offier, Chief Engineer, Sr EMO, Sr PO, Asst Engineeer)
             Referee Form - Any competent referee
             Referee Form - Immediate supervisor            
             In-Service Application Form

15 Sept: Chief Planning Officer & Assistant Program Officer

               In-Service Application Form
               Civil Service Employment Application Form