Tender / Quotation

06 June: Limited Enquiry

23 May: Printing & supply of school textbooks 2019 A/Y (REC Publication)
               i. Invitation of bids
               ii.Standard Bidding Documents
               iii.Price Schedule Form
               iv. Print Specification
Print Specification
                   Print Specification

23 May: Purchase & supply of school textbooks and Teaching Learning Materials 2019 A/Y (Outside Publication)
               i. Invitation of bids
               ii.Standard Bidding Documents
               iii.Price Schedule Form

14 May: Production of short audio-visual materials on positive parenting
      i. NIT
      ii. TOR
      iii. RFP

14 May: Supply of Science, Chemical & lab equipments for schools
       i. NIT
      ii. Price schedule form
     iii. SBD - chemical & equipment


24 Apr: Addendum: Canteen & catering services

11 Apr: Addendum: Procurement & supply of desktop & peripherals, equipments & utensils to schools
           i. Addendum
          ii. New technical compliance form
         iii. New technical specifications

05 Apr: Procurement of Sports and office equipments for Games and Sports Division, DYS.
              Procurement of equipments for the Youth Centers, YCD, DYS.

30 Mar: Annual Quotation for FY 2018 - 2019

           i. Office stationaries
          ii. Pool Vehicle (Maintenance)
          iii. Office furniture
          iv. Tyres

Mar: Repair & maintenance works at DYS
        i. Invitation of bids
        ii. Bill of quantities
       iii. SBD - small works

Mar 29: Re-tender: Warehouse maintenance works at Phuentsholing 
        i. Invitation bids
       ii. SBD - small works
      iii. BoQ (warehouse civil)
      iv. Boq (warehouse electrical)

29 Mar: Catering & canteen services for 2018 - 2019
          i.   NIT
          ii.  Canteen
          iii. Catering

29 Mar: Addemdum: Procurement & supply of Desktop computers

22 Mar: Printing of private school establishment & operational guidelines
        i. NIT
       ii. SBD

March 16: Procurement & Supply of Computer Peripherals, Equipment & Supplies to various schools under GoI Finance
        i. NIT
        ii. Distribution list
        iii. Price schedule or bill of quantities
        iv. SBD
        v. Technical compliance form
        vi. Technical specifications


March 13: Warehouse maintenance works at Phuentsholing
        i. Invitation bids
       ii. SBD - small works
      iii. BoQ (warehouse civil)
      iv. Boq (warehouse electrical)

March 09: Supply of Scout uniform
        i. NIT
       ii. SBD

Feb 08: Procurement of Ring Badges & MoP Scarves and Printing of Scout Hand Books
       i. Invitation of Bids
      ii. SBD - MoP materials
     iv. SBD Printing
     v. Technical specifications

25 Jan: Supply & installation of Tally 
         i. Invitation of Bds
        ii. TOR
       iii. SBD


16 Jan: Construction of Half Log Cabin at National Scout Centre, Paro
          i.   BoQ for tender
          ii.  SBD
         iii.  Proposed log house
         iv.  Integrity pact

15 Jan: Printing of Non-Formal Education operational guidelines
          i. Notice Inviting Tender
          ii. Standard Bidding Document


15 Jan: Supply of Office equipment for Kabesa Youth Centre , Thimphu
             i. Invitation of Bids
            ii. Standard Bidding Documents

10 Jan: SBD - Designing & Printing of Youth Digest, Spring Issue -2018 report

13 Dec: Tender Documents

         i. Invitation of Proposals (Limited Enquiry)
        ii. Terms of Reference
       iii. Request for Proposal

30 Nov: Internet connectivity to schools
           i. SBD
          ii. Price shcedule
          iii. Integrity pack

23 Nov: Supply of sports equipments for 14th National School Games & National School Football and Traditional Archery for HSS, 2017

9 Nov:  Printing of Certificates for TPSD, DSE
1. Invitation of Bids
2. Standard Bidding Documents
3. Certificate for Attendance
4. Certificate for Commandation
5. Certificate for Appreciation