19 June: Supply of Chemicals & Science equipments
        i. Schedule of supply
       ii. Rates for equipment, glassware and chemical
      iii. Forwarding letter
19 June: Limited quotation (venue to conduct ToT)
07 June: Limited Tender for hiring of HRD building,MOE
         2. Terms and conditions
26 May: Limited enquiry for printing of Education Guidelines & Instructions
      i. Invitation for limited enquiry
      ii. SBD - printing
23 May: Printing & supply of School Textbooks (REC Publication Books) for 2018 Academic year.
Purchase & supply of School Textbooks & TLMs (outside publication books) for 2018 academic year
     i.  Invitation of Bids
     ii. Price schedule - outside publication 
    iii. Price schedule - REC publication 
    iv. Printing specification - REC publication
    v. SBD - outside publication
    vi.SBD - REC publication   
18 May:
Invitation of rates for MoE canteen services for 2017 - 2018 FY
Supply of IT Equipments & Accessories
Renewal of Checkpoint  Security Appliance Licence
     i. NIT
    ii. SPB - Limited Enquiry
   iii. SPB - Checkpoint
   iv. SPB - IT Equipments
   v. MoE canteen services 
11 May: Green Floor Max, HDF Fiber Works
       i. NIT
       ii. SBD
09 May: Construction of Chain Link Fence at DYS Complex
     i. NIT
    ii. SPBD specification 
   iii. Chain Link Fence (drawing)
   iv. BoQ
   v. SBD
28 Apr: Invitation of rates for Food & Refreshment ites for the MoE Canteen (2017 - 2018)
        i. Notice Inviting Tender
       ii. SBD
27 Apr: Purchase of Office IT equipments & Procurement of Food Dehydrator (Dryer Machine)
          i. Notice Inviting Tender
         ii. SBD (Dryer machine)
         iii. SBD (Office IT equipments)
26 Apr: Manufacturing & supply of furniture for Teacher Resource Centre
26 Apr: Procurement & Supply of Science Lan equipments & Chemicals for Schools
          i. Notice Inviting Tender
         ii. SBD
        iii. Price Schedule Form
14 Apr: Annual Tender for the FY 2017 - 2018
              i.  SBD - Furniture
              ii. SBD - New Tyres
             iii. SBD - Maintenance of Vehicle & Spare parts
             iv. SBD - Office Stationeries/Equipments/Computer Pheriphirals/Electrical Items
06 Apr: Developing of 2D Animation Cartoon
          1. Notice Inviting Tender
          2. Standard Bidding Document
06 Apr: To review existing training manuals for youth and to conduct a writer's workshop for youth relevant agencies for the consolidation of the findings into the existing Training Manual for NEET (not in education, employment, training) adolescents & youth.
          1. Notice Inviting Tender
          2. Standard Bidding Document (SBD)
28 Mar: Supply of Fire Extinguisher to Schools
           1. NIT
           2. SBD
           3. Price Schedule
           4. Tentative distribution list
22 Mar: Supply of Uniform for Scout Leadership Training
          1. NIT
          2. SBD
          3. Price Schedule Forms
22 Mar: Printing of Tailoring Guideline Booklet
          1. NIT
          2. SBD