13 Dec: Tender Documents

         i. Invitation of Proposals (Limited Enquiry)
        ii. Terms of Reference
       iii. Request for Proposal

30 Nov: Internet connectivity to schools
           i. SBD
          ii. Price shcedule
          iii. Integrity pack

23 Nov: Supply of sports equipments for 14th National School Games & National School Football and Traditional Archery for HSS, 2017

9 Nov: Printing of Certificates for TPSD, DSE
1. Invitation of Bids
2. Standard Bidding Documents
3. Certificate for Attendance
4. Certificate for Commandation
5. Certificate for Appreciation

6 Nov: Renewal of ESET Endpoint Protection Standard Edition Antivirus with file security

          1. Invitation of Bids

          2.  Letter

10 Oct: Tender documents for "Printing of the Education Policy Guidelines and Instructions" for PPD  (Limited Enquiry)

4 Oct: Tender documents 
            1. Invitation of Bids
            2. Request for Proposal (RFP)
            3. Terms of References (ToR)
3 Oct: Tender documents 
           3. Specifications for Scout Scroll
21. Sept: Tender document for Sport Equipment
          1. Invitation of Bids
           2. Standard Bidding Documents
21 Sept: Documents for Printing
              1. Addendum for printing(25 September, 2017)
              2. Invitation of Bids
               3. Standard Bidding Documents
21 Sept: Tender documents
             1. Invitation of Bids
              2. Request for Proposal 
              3. Terms of References
              4. Proposed schedule
07 Sept: Procurement & supply of Pressure cooker & Rice Cooker
        i. NIT
       ii. SBD
      iii. Technical specifications 
28 Aug: Supply of Buses & Utility Van for Central Schools
      i. NIT
     ii. SBD
24 Aug: Construction of embarkment by providingand lying dry earth in horizontal layers and providing & laying of second-class brick work in foundation & plinth-in cement motor
    i. NIT
   ii. SBD
21 Aug: Procurement & supply of Computers & Accessories to Schools for 2017 - 2018 FY
      i. Invitation fo bids
     ii. SBD
    iii. Price Schedule Form
   iv. Technical Specifications
18 Aug: Supply of Bookshelves & Library Books
      i. NIT
     ii. SBD (Bookshelves)
    iii. SBD (Library Books)
    iv. Price schedule form (library books)

18 Aug: Supply of Office Equipments for YCD, DYS
      i. NIT
     ii. SBD
20 July: Printing of Annual Education Statistics Report 2017
      i. Notice Inviting Tender
     ii. SBD (printing)
17 July: Development of a Strategy Document for the National School Feeding Programme 
       i. RFP (SHND, DSE)
      ii. Strategic Vision for School Nutrition in Bhutan
     iii. TOR
17 July: Furniture & Stationery for schools
       i. Notice Inviting Tender
       ii. SBD (School furniture)
       iii. SBD (school stationery)
19 June: Supply of Chemicals & Science equipments
        i. Schedule of supply
       ii. Rates for equipment, glassware and chemical
      iii. Forwarding letter
19 June: Limited quotation (venue to conduct ToT)
07 June: Limited Tender for hiring of HRD building,MOE
         2. Terms and conditions
26 May: Limited enquiry for printing of Education Guidelines & Instructions
      i. Invitation for limited enquiry
      ii. SBD - printing
23 May: Printing & supply of School Textbooks (REC Publication Books) for 2018 Academic year.
Purchase & supply of School Textbooks & TLMs (outside publication books) for 2018 academic year
     i.  Invitation of Bids
     ii. Price schedule - outside publication 
    iii. Price schedule - REC publication 
    iv. Printing specification - REC publication
    v. SBD - outside publication
    vi.SBD - REC publication