Karma Yeshey

PA to Secretary
Sonam Tobgay

Policy and Planning Division (PPD)

  1. Policy Support
    • Initiate/advise/support/review policy formulation
    • Coordinate Annual Education Conferences and other forums related to policies
  2. Planning, monitoring and evaluation
    • Coordinate and support FYP formulation, Annual Performance Agreements, AWPs, etc.
    • Overall monitoring of FYP, Pas, AND Regular monitoring of projects
  3. Resource mobilization
    • Resource mobilization
    • Facilitate resource mobilization and allocation through donor missions, mid-year and annual work planning review meetings
    • Liaising with GNHC, MoF and potential donors
  4. Publication
    • Annual Education Statistics, EPGIs, Annual government reports, cross sectoral studies
Chief Planning Officer
Binod Sunwar
Dy Chief Planning Officer
Sr Planning Officer
Tshewang Dorji
Sr Planning Officer

Sr Planning Officer
Sonam Zam Lhaygel
Assistant Planning Officer
Admin Assistant
Tulki Tamang
Admin Assistant

Sangay Choden
Dy Chief Statistical Officer (on EOL)
Sherab Tenzin
Sr Planning Officer
Tsheltrim Dorji
Asst Planning Officer


  • Foster close liaison between state agencies and services, professional and other associations, universities and other centres of research and education, and other institutions concerned with education, the sciences, culture and information;
  • Co-operate with the delegations of their respective governments at the General Conference and at other intergovernmental meetings convened by UNESCO, inter alia by preparing the contributions of their governments to the work of these meetings;
  • Follow the development of UNESCO’s programme and call the attention of the appropriate agencies to the potential benefits of international co-operation;
  • Contribute to national activities related to UNESCO’s programme and to the evaluation thereof;
  • Provide a channel for disseminating information obtained from other countries on matters of domestic interest in education, the sciences, culture and information;
  • Encourage, at the national level, interdisciplinary dialogue and co-operation between institutions concerned with education, the sciences, culture and information, with a view to helping to bring intellectual resources to bear on certain priorities for development.
Wangchuk Bida
Chief Program Officer
Karma Kuenzang
Dy. Chief Program Officer
Karma Yangden
Admin Assistant

Internal Audit (IA)

  • Develop an annual audit plan based on comprehensive risk assessment and submit to the Management for approval and endorse a copy of approved plan to Central Coordinating Agency (CCA) for reference.
  • Implement the approved annual audit plan in accordance with the International Standards for Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and Internal Audit Manual including, as appropriate to the mandates of Internal Audit and not contradictory to the Internal Audit’s Code of Ethics, any special task or project requested by the management. The impact of resource limitations and significant interim changes in the plan will also be communicated to them.
  • Issue reports annually summarizing results of audit activities and status of implementation of past audit recommendations to the management and endorse a copy to CCA for reference.
  • Provide adequate follow up to ensure corrective action is taken and evaluate its effectiveness and reports results.
  • Maintain a professional audit staff and seek experts view as and when required from the Central Coordinating Agency for Internal Audit Service.
  • Notify appropriate authority of any significant corruption (criminal) offences recognized or detected during the course of internal auditing.
  • Consider the scope of work of the external auditors and other regulators as appropriate and collaborate with them for the purpose of providing optimal coverage and avoid duplication of work.

Tshering Lham Dorji
Chief Internal Auditor