Launch of Self-Instructional Materials (SIM)

The Ministry of Education is pleased to launch Self-Instructional Materials (SIMs), an alternative educational resource through print media for students who do not have access to internet, BBS and e-learning facilities. With the theme ‘Reaching the Unreached’ the SIMs are intended to help about 16,884 students who do not have access to e-learning platforms.

These Self-Instructional Materials are also a part of an Education in Emergencies (EiE) curriculum to be implemented from classes PP- XII. With the closure of schools in the country, the MoE has strategized several programmes as an education response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The EiE includes a comprehensive set of adapted curriculums to be taught through five key stages as follows;

• Key stage I (PP-III) Numeracy, Literacy and Dzongkha
• Key stage II (IV-VI) Numeracy, Literacy and Dzongkha
• Key stage III (VII-VIII) Theme-based
• Key stage IV (IX-X) Theme-based
• Key stage V (XI-XII) Theme-based

The learning activities in the SIM packages are developed considering the EiE curriculum, class-levels and learning potentials of the students. The designs of the learning activities are intended technically to promote self-engagement and independent learning of the students at home. SIMs have been aligned with the video lessons that are broadcast through BBS and other e-learning platforms.