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Minister’s Office

Division Contact #
Minister’s office 323825/325431


Division Contact #
Secretariat’s office 325146/324827
Policy and Planning Division (PPD) 321659
NatComm UNESCO 334322
Internal Audit 331927

Directorate of Services (DoS)

Division Contact #
Director’s office 331780
Human and Resource Division (HRD) 321242
Administrative and Finance Division (AFD) 331980/325420
School Planning and Building Division (SPBD) 325085/325142
Information and Communication Technology Division (ICTD) 323551
Legal Services 328214

Department of School Education (DSE)

Division Contact #
Director General’s office 325325
ECCD and SEN Division 331903
Education Monitoring Division (EMD) 325141
School Health and Nutrition Division (SHND) 331378
School Planning and Coordination Division (SPCD) 321794
Private School 323237
Teacher Professional Service Division (TPSD) 338573/338572

Department of Youth and Sports (DYS)

Division Contact #
Director General’s office 325084
Career Education and Counselling Division (CECD) 332251
Games and Sports Division (GSD) 328377
Scouts and Culture Education Division SCED) 332148
Youth Center Division 324506

Department of Adult and Higher Education (DAHE)

Division Contact #
Director General’s office 325648
Scholarship and Student Support Division (SSSD) 346848/332248
Quality Assurance and Accreditation Division (QAAD) 330587/332068
Higher Education Planning Division (HEPD) 337176
Non-formal and Continuing Education Division (NFCED) 324712/333253

Education Staff Welfare Scheme (ESWS)

Division Contact #
ESWS 322578

Our Address

Ministry of Education
Kawajangsa, PO Box: 112, Thimphu : Bhutan