An educated and enlightened society of GNH, built and sustained on the unique Bhutanese values of tha dam-tsig ley gju-drey.


  1. Develop sound educational policies that enable the creation of a knowledge-based GNH society.
  2. Provide equitable, inclusive and quality education and lifelong learning opportunities to all children and harness their full potential to become productive citizens.
  3. Equip all children with appropriate knowledge, skills and values to cope with the challenges of the 21st century.

Result: Student Loan Scheme for Tertiary Education

Selected students for Student Loan Scheme for Tertiary Education 2015

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- Bhutan
- India

Notification: ITEC/TCS

Submission of Application for ITEC/TCS for Colombo Plan training courses

Mixed Mode Programme

PCE Spring Semester Examination, Mixed Mode Programme 2015

NOTIFICATION: National School Athletic Meet, 2015

National School Athletic Meet, 2015

Wenhui Award for top ten school ranking

Contest for prestigious Wenhui Award (for top ten school ranking for 2014)
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