Training & Scholarship Training & Scholarship

10 Jun:  Need Based Scholarship to Royal Thimphu College
03 Jun:  Scholarship result :
Acharya Bangalore Business School

Acharya Institute of Health Sciences & Nursing School

30 May: Shortlisted candidates for the Need Based Scholarship to RTC
27 May: Scholarship selection result of Teerthanker Mahaveer University (Moradabad)
21 May: Result of Mae Fah Luang University Scholarship
16 May:  Scholarship at Mae Fah Luang University in Thailand
14 May: 2nd round selection result - Garden City College, Bangalore

13 May: UG Scholarship announcement for Acharya Bangalore B. School, Acharya Institute of Health Sciences and Nursing
09 May: Selection result for:
Chitkara University, Chandigarh
              BFIT Group of Institutions, Dehradun
              M M University Mullana - Ambala, Haryana

07 May :Scholarship at Teerthanker Mahaveer University
06 May :
Need-Based Scholarship ( click here to download the scholarship form )
06 May :ICCR- SAARC Chair Scholarship Result
03 May :Re-announcement for Scholarship (Garden City College)
             Scholarship result for Garden City College
29 Apr: Scholarship in India
26 Apr: ICCR-SAARC scholarship in Engineering
25 Apr: Result of
Institutional Scholarship offered by Alpine Institute of Management & Technology
            Merit Ranking
            Selected Students

05 Apr: Scholarship at Apline Institute of Management &Technology
28 Mar: Re-announcement of Ashi Kesang Wangmo Miyazawa Scholarship 2013
27 Mar: Private Scholarship Result
27 Mar: Scholarship at Garden City College, Bangalore
26 Mar: Thai Scholarship 2013

19 Mar: Cuban & ICCR Scholarship 2013 (The selected students should report to the Scholarship and Student Support Division, Department of Adult and Higher Education, Ministry of Education office on 21st of March 2013 at 9:30 AM positively.)
19 Mar: Prem Tinsulanonda International School Scholarship, Thailand.
15 Mar: Private School Scholarship 2013
13 Mar: Ashi Kesang Wangmo Miyazawa Soccer Scholarship
07 Mar: Ad-hoc Scholarship offer
06 Mar:
Undergraduate Scholarship Selection Result
22 Feb: Undergraduate Scholarship Merit Ranking & General Course Description
13 Feb: "The online application and registration for ex-country undergraduate scholarship has been extended till 17th February 2013 midnight.Please note that the merit list now will be uploaded on the Education website on 20th February 2013 instead of 18th February.However, the date for selection interview remains unchanged."
05 Feb: Apply online for scholarship
28 Jan: SAU admissions (2013) announced
25 Jan: Undergradauate Scholarship 2013 intake

24 Dec: Urban/Rural Youth Exchange Programme
24 Dec: Summer International Camp 2013, USA
24 Dec: Orientation on Agriculture & Food Securty Curriculum
13 Dec: Reporting Dates for 2012 Winter Mixed-mode programmes & other important inforamation

Training/Scholarship Training/Scholarship

03 Dec: UPDATED LIST! Winter Chiphen Rigpel Training of Teachers (2012 - 2013)
23 Nov: Nature Club Coordinators training
12 Nov: Result for M.Ed Leadership & Management
12 Nov: Result for PG Diploma in English
12 Nov: Result for PG Diploma in Guidance & Counseling
23 Oct: Participants for crash & refresher's courses for Focal Agriculture teachers
18 Oct: Announcement for Instructional Leadership Workshop at Centenary Institute of Education, Yoen Pheul La, Trashigang
18 Oct: Results of Mixed Mode In-country Award Bearing Programmes for December  2012 intake
10 Sept: Re-announcement of Mixed Mode In-country Award Bearing Programmes for 2012 intake
06 July: Result for GoI Scholarship intake 2012
06 July: 50% tuition fee waiver scholarships at Thailand27 June: Result of Sports Coach V (SSI & Life Guard) and Administrative Assistant
22 June:
Shortlisted candidates for various Masters programmes under GOI scholarship
18 June: Results of Sri Lankan Scholarship KDU 2012-2013
13 June: Re-announcement of Chiphen Rigpel Project - Teacher Training for summer 2012
08 June:  Result of Cuban Scholarship 2012-2013
02 June: GOI Postgraduate Scholarship in India
29 May: Orientation programme for Undergraduate Scholarship
29 May: Short-listed candidates for Teton scholarship
16 May: Shortlisted candidates for Teton Scholarship
16 May: Sri Lankan Scholarship 2012
04 May: Cuban Scholarships 2012-2013
16 Apr:  13th Korea National Jamboree
12 Apr:  Nomination for 24th APCC Programme, Japan
05 Apr:  Teton Scholarship
02 Ap: IInd Phase - Chiphen Rigpel Training
           1. Program Management (P1 - P2)
           2. Project Management (P3 - P5)
          3. Operational Imperatives (O2 - S1)
02 Apr: BoB, YDF, & Private Schools Scholarship, 2012 Result
30 Mar: Results of ICCR Scholarships -2012
29 Mar: Merit Ranking for Engineering & Agriculture - ICCR Scholarships
27 Mar: Results for Queens Endowment for Cultural Studies
26 Mar: Result of :
           1. Bhutan-Canada Scholarship 
           2. Thai Scholarship
16 Mar: Private School, YDF & BoB Scholarship for Needy Students
19 Mar: ICCR Scholarship -2012
14 Mar: Queen's Endowment for Cultural Studies Scholarship
08 Mar: Scholarship at Prem Tinsulanonda, Chiang Mai, Thailand
02 Mar: Shortlisted candidates for GoI PG Scholarships 2012
02 Mar: Selection result of 2012 Undergraduate Scholarship Program
27 Feb: The Corrected and Final Merit List for 2012 Undergraduate Scholarships
17 Feb: Merit-Listed Candidates for 2012 Undergraduate Scholarships 
17 Feb: Shortlisted candidates for  Royal Thai Government Scholarship (TICA) 2012
30 Jan: Undergraduate Scholarship
03 Feb: Result of the SAARC Chair - ICCR Scholarship
25 Jan: SAARC Chair - ICCR Scholarship
09 Dec: Educational Planning & Management Programme in Paris
             Masters in Public Administration in International Development
09 Dec: Brunei Government Scholarships 2012-2013
08 Dec: Nomination of cooks for training
07 Dec: Final List for SAP Winter Training 2011-2012
21 Nov: Netherlands Fellowship Programme for Teachers
18 Nov: Bangladesh Government Self financing
18 Nov: Sri Lankan UG Scholarship 2011
18 Nov: Summary of UG Scholarship Students
16 Nov: Undergraduate scholarship summary details as of November 2011